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February 9th, 2015

Making your own wood furniture provides you with pride in your achievement.

Regardless of what you are making in wood, there are only two things that matter.

  1. Is the finished article of a design you like with a finish you like.
  2. Are the plans of a type you feel comfortable with and can follow.

You need good wood furniture plans if the finished product is to be of a quality you can be proud of, and capable of doing the job you intended it to do. It doesn’t matter if you are making a china cabinet, a dresser, a set of bunk beds or even a work bench. (The last one in the list is probably the one you should carry out first. Working without a decent bench is a nightmare) you need high quality wood furniture plans to produce a high quality piece of furniture.

You will need:

  • Detailed plans that are easy to follow
  • The ability to change plans to suit the space you have
  • Good design so furniture doesn’t collapse or buildings fall down
  • Plans that have stood the test of time
  • Aesthetic design that is pleasing, so you don’t end up with an incredibly strong piece of furniture that looks like a fruit box
  • Plans that provide quality lists of required materials
  • Plans that list tool requirements

So will Teds Woodworking Plans come up to scratch for you? Being to your liking, or easy for you to follow is a personal thing. the design and quality of the product is again a personal thing. The only way to know is to try them out. Many plans allow a trial period for you to try them out. This particular set of plans do that for a full 60 days so in that time anyone trying them can make a number of items before deciding if they are the right ones for you. with 16000 plans it is hard to imaging ever needing any more plans from anyone.

Wood Plans Woodworking Carpentry Download

This is a review of Ted’s Woodwork Plans

The wood furniture plans supplied are of good quality. Cutting and tool lists are provided together with detail drawings, sketches and advice on the various aspects of construction. (This is essential with any wood furniture plans you may buy. Any plans not supplying this information are useless to you.)

The wood furniture plans are in imperial measurements which for some may be a disadvantage. Personally I find imperial measurements better for accuracy as mistakes are less likely to be made. Rules are often in both imperial and metric so should not be much of a problem.

The detail in the plans is good. Both pictures and more importantly close up sketches of how each individual section fits together are provided. This helps to focus the mind as to how the joint should look when together, with dimensions clearly shown. The amount of detail shown is excellent and should ensure a well made piece of furniture is possible. I personally like a lot of detail, this is a personal thing but for me details are the key to making a great piece of woodwork. A lot of detail can seem intimidating, but after a short time examining plans details becomes clearer and any possible intimidation disappears. The plans provided here I thought, were clear and detail just about right. Both pictures and sketches provided are good quality. Personally I prefer the sketches rather than photographs, but this is a personal point of view, you can decide which type you use for yourself.

Having such a large quantity of plans means whatever piece of furniture is required you would not need another set of plans as every type of furniture you will ever need can be found here. Using plans from one supplier means that use of the plans will be consistent. The need to learn how a new plan supplier designs their plans is eliminated as all plans are from a single source and will be consistent throughout. On the whole I don’t think I have found a better source of plans for any project I could wish to attempt.

In addition to the plans and instructions,  a number of bonus products are provided. The main bonus being a CAD drawing program for you to draw your own plans (is 16,000 plans not enough as that is what is supplied) The advantage of the software for me is the ability to modify existing plans to perhaps extend or shorten a piece of furniture or shelving to fit a particular recess or wall length you wish to put the furniture against.

Should your skills be lacking there are also a number of videos that will help you hone known skills and introduce new ones to you.

Here are example plans:

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

And a review from a user:

So do they come up to scratch? As said before the choice is very much a personal one. I think they do come up to scratch for me. The only way for you to find out is to try them.

I think you should look at Teds woodworking Plans, the link to Ted’s Wood Furniture Plans site is here Check it out for yourself.

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